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The Butchers Arms

Crosby Ravensworth

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Cumbria Tourism Awards 2013 Logo, the Butcher’s Arms was a Finalist for Tourism Pub of the Year.

The Butchers Arms was Finalist for Tourism Pub of The Year 2013!

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By 1891, we find the former blacksmith’s widow, Mrs. Hannah Johnson in charge of The Butchers Arms. She was then nearing 70, but with the help of a grown-up son and daughter remained there until at least 1906. Her son, Richard, continued to work his father’s smithy at Bridge End.

In 1926, the owner was John (Jack) Morland. Jack had a cattle-lorry and was  a ‘carrier’ to Penrith on a Tuesday before ‘The Queen Bee’ began a regular bus service. The lorry was adapted to to take wooden seats on the back so it could carry passengers. His wife  died a few years later and in 1932 Mrs Norman came to keep house for him. Her son, Edwin, after finishing his schooling and taking a farm job in Cumberland, came to work at Ploveriggs in 1935, living in at the farm. He remembers the main bar was seldom used, unless there was a ‘do’ on in the Village Hall; the few local regulars just sat in the kitchen, playing dominoes etc. Jack liked the company and ‘thowt it waz mair hyamley’. There were no pumps, the barrels of beer were tapped and kept down in the cellar,the beer being carried up in jugs to be served as required. Jack died in 1936, he was followed by his newly-married nephew, Frank Parkin.  


Frank and Violet Parkin moved into The Butchers Arms in the November of 1936. Violet is still alive and now living in New Zealand. In a recent letter, she writes “We went to the Butchers soon after our marriage in October 1936, Frank was 28 and I was 27, we were the youngest pub-keepers around.” Frank was a nephew of Jack Morland’s and Jack’s housekeeper, Mrs. Norman, stayed on until after Violet and he moved in. Ingram dawson, a solicitor, possibly from Barnard Castle, helped them get the pub. He came regularly and took a delight in Violet’s cooking (jugged hare) and regularly brought his clients to sample her hospitality.

They were forced to give up the pub after war broke out as, although Frank was not accepted for the armed services, he was directed to work on Destroyers in Newcastle shipyard. Uncle Lance (Johnston) lived with them at the pub for a while.

Mrs. M. Morley was a tenant at first, but she bought the Inn from the Ewebanks in 1949, then sold it the following year.

Landlords since 1950

1950-1950 Mrs. Wright and Miss Kimberley

1950-1951 Mr. & Mrs. L.H. Jones

1951-1956 Mr. & Mrs. Matt Hale

1956-1958 Mr. E Rigby

1958-1978 Mrs. Olive Stubbs

1978-1979 Mr. & Mrs. Stubbs       (No relation to Olive)

1979-1982 Mr. & Mrs. Young

1982-1986 Mrs. G.G. Tubman

1986-1991 Mr. & Mrs. David Nattrass

1991-1997 Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hamilton

1997-2003 Mr. & Mrs. Mel Richardson

2003-2006 Mr. & Mrs. John Porter

2006-2011 Mr. & Mrs. Colin Wilson

8th June 2011 - Pub purchased by Lyvennet Community Pub Ltd.

August 2011 - Tenants Keith Taylor and Bev Percy move in

A Short History of The Butchers Arms by Ted Relph continued


Mrs. Olive Stubbs changed the use from a shop to a residence

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Cumbria Tourism Awards 2013 Logo, the Butcher’s Arms was a Finalist for Tourism Pub of the Year.

The Butchers Arms was Finalist for Tourism Pub of The Year 2013. Details to be posted here shortly.